Food Is The Heart of Change.


Children Can Be Saved Every Day

In 3 Indian Children Are Malnourished

Million Sleep Hungry

Percent Maternal Deaths by Anemia

India can earn potential lifetime earnings of over $38 billion just by providing right nutrition to children.

3 in 10 children in the developing world are stunted due to poor nutrition, premature birth, low breastfeeding rates, and early exposure to infection.

Children who have poor growth in their first years of life tend to perform worse at school leading to poorer earning power later on.

Children born in developing countries this year will lose more than $177 billion in potential lifetime earnings because of stunting and poor growth – India impact being $38 billion.

This situation can be solved by improving antenatal care, encouraging mothers to exclusively breastfeed for at least six months, hand washing, and providing micronutrients for children.

As per a Harvard study, every dollar invested in eliminating poor early growth would yield a $3 return.


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