Demystified, Disciplined, and Deskilled Way of Cooking.

Food products are created in ISO 22000 certified production facilities which are accredited by GMP, CII and FSSAI. Raw materials are purchased from FSSAI certified vendors only.

  • Leveraging food technologies to create nutritionally adequate products & simplified execution at fragmented scale.
  • Integrating, Empowering and Engaging Women to build healthy and happier communities.
  • Fostering sustainable collaborations and partnerships.
  • Enabling technology for effective delivery, monitoring, and reconciliations.


Raw Materials




Ready To Cook Mix






Cooked Food

RTC Premixes are partially cooked, pre-processed, blended food where all the ingredients are mixed in the predefined ratios to achieve the required taste, consistency, and nutrition.

Easily convertible into Ready To Serve/Eat (RTS/RTE) with less time & efforts by adding water & cooking/ heating process.

Allows the flexibility of varied menu at varied sites; can be customized for a specific taste and nutritional requirement.

  • Zero additives and preservatives.
  • 3 months shelf life and higher yields.
  • No refrigeration required.
  • Customizable for taste, nutrition, and fortification.
  • Easy to handle and operate.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Low waste/ error /theft.
  • Anyone can cook – reduced efforts/time.
  • Lower simplified storage requirements.

Ready To Eat Mix:

1. Ragi Ladoo

 Ragi Ladoo Nutritional Values 
 Serving Size  50 gms
 Energy  238.4 Kcal
 Protein   4.9 gms
Fat  9.2 gms
 Carbohydrate 34.0 gms
 Trans Fatty Acids  Nil

2. Wheat Ladoo

 Wheat Ladoo Nutritional Values 
 Serving Size  50 gms
 Energy  242 Kcal
 Protein   4.1 gms
Fat  9.8 gms
 Carbohydrate 34.5 gms
 Trans Fatty Acids  Nil

3. Soya Ladoo

Soya Ladoo Nutritional Values 
 Serving Size  50 gms
 Energy  239.5 Kcal
 Protein   8.5 gms
Fat  9.7 gms
 Carbohydrate 29.9 gms
 Trans Fatty Acids  Nil

Ready to Cook Mix:

1. Dalkhichdi

Dalkhichdi Nutritional Values 
 Serving Size  150 gms
 Energy 113 Kcal
 Protein   3.7 gms
Fat 2.32 gms
 Carbohydrate 19.19 gms
 Trans Fatty Acids  Nil

2. Soya Khichdi

 Soya Khichdi Nutritional Values 
 Serving Size  50 gms
 Energy  111 Kcal
 Protein   4.3 gms
Fat  1.89 gms
 Carbohydrate 19.25 gms
 Trans Fatty Acids  Nil
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