They Don't Need Your Pity. They Need Your Support.

You Can’t Always See Malnutrition

Millions of children in India can hope to live healthier lives, attain education, & beat the poverty cycle with your help.

You Can't Always See Malnutrition

In India, Every 3rd Child Is Malnourished & Over 200 Million People Are Undernourished. We Have Resolved To End Malnutrition & Hunger. With Help From Donors Like You, We Have Served Over 11 Million Meals.


Our Health & Nutrition Programs:

Mother & Child

Supplementary nutrition delivery program integrated with Community Engagement to improve health & wellbeing of children below 6 years, pregnant & lactating mothers.

Adolescent Girls

Nutrition adequacy program with integrated health awareness initiatives to enable holistic growth and development of adolescent girls.

School Children

Mid-day meal feeding program integrated with social and behaviour change interventions to eradicate classroom hunger and achieve better learning outcomes among school going children.

Feeding Programs

Mass Feeding solution to serve safe, hygienic, adequate and dignified meals to defend vulnerable and underprivileged groups and communities against hunger and starvation.

Disaster Food Relief

Rapid response feeding solution to ensure availability of safe, hygienic and nutritious meals for deployment during disaster and emergency situations.
Provide Micro-nutrient Fortified Meals To Children.