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Malnutrition Increases Infant Mortality

68% of under-5 dies in India because of child & maternal malnutrition. It is also the underlying cause of deaths associated with infectious diseases in India.

Although malnutrition is prevalent in developing countries, it is rarely cited as being among the leading causes of death. This is due in part to the conventional way that cause of death data are reported and analysed. In many countries, mortality statistics are compiled from records in which a single proximate cause of death is reported; leaving out malnutrition.

World Health Organization
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Every single cell, organ, and system inside a newborn baby comes mostly from her mother’s food intake before or during pregnancy. Maternal nutrition is a critical determinant of infant health; thus, it is not hard to see that poor maternal nutrition can contribute, directly or indirectly, to infant mortality.
Our initiatives are based on the premise that combining efforts to promote the appropriate case-management of serious infectious diseases with nutritional interventions, immunization programmes, and other disease prevention and health promotion activities will be more effective in decreasing child mortality than implementing any one of the components alone.
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