At ANNADA, We Follow the LIFE Approach:

Leveraging Innovative Food Solutions,
Integrating Communities
Fostering Collaborations &
Engaging Technology

to achieve Nutrition Adequacy and Zero Hunger. Based on this approach, here is our core workflow process:

1. Government Permissions

We work with the Government to procure necessary permissions.

2. Community Mapping

Our team engages with the community at the grass root level to assess important aspects of the program such as the size of the population, nutrition necessities, and locations.

3. Menu Planning

Based on the nutritional needs of the beneficiaries in the region, a customized menu of fortified products is created to ensure these deficiencies are fulfilled.

4. Facility Enhancement

This involves assessing, designing, and procuring necessary equipment for smooth operational execution on a day-to-day basis.

5. Training & Development

AWC workers are induced into a rigorous and detailed training program that focuses on all aspects of food preparation, food safety, and storage.

6. Nutrition Delivery

Having created a firm ground work for the project, the project is launched with a resourced AWC team prepared to serve nutritious meals on a  daily basis.  At this stage, Team ANNADA works closely to ensure, Supply & Distribution of Food Mixes, Inventory Reconciliation, and Community Awareness Programs.

7. Monitoring & Supervision

Team ANNADA regularly visits the region to evaluate further support requirements and conduct Food Safety Audits. All beneficiaries are registered and meals consumed are tracked and traced through a simple online Tech -based reconciliation system that can be accessed by the donors. An ANNADA help desk is on call to support all members of the program and the system as required. (Learn More)

8. Impact Assessment & Reporting

Anthropometry data is collected on a  quarterly basis and analyzed vis-a-vis the baseline data. High-risk cases are referred to PHC’s/ NRC’s.

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